Visit to HOTPEC Orphanage, Lower Bokova-Buea, South West Region, Cameroon, Africa – August 30, 2011

The Hephzibah Handicapped and Orphanage Training, Production and Ecstasy Centre (HOTPEC), is a non-governmental, non-denominational and non-political organisation conceived by Rev Tanne Zadock Mugri in 1983. HOTPEC started in 1995 with 5 children; 3 orphans, 2 handicapped and is managed by Rev. Tanne and his wife. The orphanage is home to over 80 children, who live there until they are fourteen years old, being trained in skills that will allow them a better chance in their adult lives. The orphanage is privately run and relies on what they can produce for themselves and donations made from abroad. Projects in the Cameroon unlike some areas of Africa receives very little funding. During the visit, CommuCare donated personal care items and first aid supplies for children and adults. Please visit our HOTPEC Orphanage gallery to see pictures.


Cameroon Association of Greater Kansas City Family Day, June 2011

Every year, the Cameroon Association of Greater Kansas City organizes a Family Day where Cameroonians and their families and friends go to a park for a day of fun. Activities usually include a barbeque, soccer match between Cameroonians on the Kansas side of the State Line versus those on the Missouri side, children’s games and dance competitions, etc. Cameroonians use this occasion to share their culture (food, music, games, traditional outfit) with friends from other cultures. Please visit our family day gallery to see pictures.

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